ProMAXima Strength and Conditioning Delivers Across the Board

ProMAXima Strength and Conditioning has a 50 year track record of providing 100% custom crafted, made to order fitness equipment, manufactured with the highest quality construction and best quality steel. We have our own fleet of trucks and factory trained installers on staff to ensure your delivery is accurate, on time and installed with precision. And as the industry leader in safety innovations, we will help you optimize your gym space enabling your athletes’ peak performance and safety.

Abbey Residential has worked with Promaxima Strength and Conditioning for over a decade, ordered in the six figures and saved thousands of dollars compared to other vendors. Saving money does not mean you are giving up on quality. In fact, you are getting very high quality fitness equipment at manufacturer pricing with very strong warranties.

Debbie Garner
Abbey Residential

Highest Quality Construction

Proudly American Made

Best Warranty coverage
in the business

Commercial Grade only –
Best Quality steel

Top of the line internet

100% Custom crafted
and made to order

- Full line supplier
- Sized to any user body type

Safety first design-
50 years of industry leading
safety innovations
Faster Delivery

No delays waiting for
delivery from China

Own our own
fleet of trucks

Factory Trained Expert
installers on staff
Best Value for the Money

Factory direct pricing with
no middle man

Can help gym operators and
coaches optimize the equip-
ment mix and floor plans for
the most cost efficient and
user friendly results