Iron Neck Varsity

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Iron Neck Varsity

Iron Neck Varsity


Iron Neck Varsity gives you the benefits of the Pro but with a low, fixed rotational resistance that helps build essential rotational strength, especially in young athletes.

Iron Neck Varsity works with any weight-loaded cable pulley system, pneumatic resistance machine, or resistance band. With our resistance bands, you can use the Iron Neck almost anywhere! Our cinch anchor securely loops around any stable vertical post (i.e. squat rack, structural column, goal post, basketball hoop, etc). Clip one end of the resistance band into the cinch anchor and the other into the Iron Neck and you're good to go!

What you get: 1 Iron Neck Varsity, 1 Resistance Band, 1 Cinch Anchor, and 1 Skull Cap.

  • Frames, Welds, Weight Stacks - 10 Years
  • Friction Free Bearings, CAMS, Guide Rods, Bushings, Pulley Wheels - 5 Years
  • Cables - 2 Years
  • Upholstery, Pop Pins - 1 Year
  • Polyurethane Rollers, Neoprene Rollers, Foam Rollers, Cosmetic Items Not Specified - 90 Days
Note: All Warranties are limited to Manufacturer defects.