Identify the right equipment mix to optimize your space

We will help you to select the best mix of equipment for your space and your members’ needs. Our expert planners can help you achieve the greatest value for your investment while delivering the highest quality, American made, safest equipment solutions to help your athletes meet their fitness goals.

Man on Treadmill
Making the best equipment choices can make a huge difference for your gym.

You know your members and how they want to exercise better than anyone. Making sure that you have the right number of high quality cardio, selectorized, and free weight equipment to handle all your members’ needs with no waiting can make a big difference in how happy your members are.

Every facility is different and should have a custom solution

Every type of gym from high schools to military to resorts or apartment buildings has different needs to make their members happy. For every different type of user, including: hard core national level athletes, to weekend warriors, to senior citizens or rehabilitation patients, or even first time teen agers. We understand this and know that every gym has a different floor plan, peak hours of use, and budget.

Woman with free weights
Gym interior
ProMAXima can help you get the best mix of equipment at the best price.

Our expert staff has helped thousands of facilities to find the best equipment solutions for over 50 years now. We can help you to optimize your equipment mix, floorplan layout, user safety considerations, and equipment maintenance based on real world experience that will save you time, and money.