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American Made Commercial Strength Equipment

Commercial Strength Equipment

ProMAXima is the number one provider of commercial strength equipment in the nation, producing more U.S.A manufactured strength products for the fitness market than any other American manufacturer. ProMAXima is growing in size and strength with every product that is produced. ProMAXima's American Made commercial strength equipment has been rated #1 by gyms, health clubs, high schools and government fitness facilities for more than 45 years.

Understanding The Power Of Strength Equipment

To understand that not all strength equipment is created equally, is to understand the power of American Made Products.

ProMAXima creates their equipment from raw American steel. The same steel that created the largest buildings, biggest bridges, and most powerful trains is now a part of the strongest commercial equipment you can own. Commercial strength equipment that is built to last.

ProMAXima purchases raw steel by the ton from steel recyclers and steel manufacturers in North America. These recyclers and steel manufacturers get their raw material from American construction that has been torn down and replaced by newer buildings, bridges, rails, and equipment.

When you purchase the best commercial strength equipment from ProMAXima, you can have the confidence that your equipment is American

Made with American Steel. The best strength equipment, the best prices, and the best manufacturer of American made fitness equipment.

ProMAXima Commercial Strength Equipment Is Green

Steel is very unique in that it always contains recycled steel. The strong steel in North America is made up of millions of tons of pre and post-consumer steel products which continue to produce new steel.

Steel workers have always understood being green because they have been recycling for ages. Additionally, every piece of strength equipment will someday be a part of another cycle of recycling decades from now. ProMAXima produces a commercial product that will inevitably be apart of what makes America strong.

The use of steel scrap lowers the environmental impact of steelmaking, as it lowers the cost of producing more steel. When consumers buy strength equipment from ProMAXima that is made from recycled American steel, those consumers complete the recycling circle and help maintain strong markets for recycling.

The Benefits Of ProMAXima's Commercial Strength Equipment

Yes, there are environmental benefits of Strength Equipment produced with recycled American steel. Recycling steel saves as much power as supplying power to nearly 20 million households per year. 2500 pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of limestone, and 1400 pounds of coal are preserved for every ton of steel that is recycled in the USA. ProMAXima supports the steel industry and their efforts to recycle tons of steel every year.

Buy a piece of America. Buy the best strength equipment in the nation. Buy ProMAXima commercial strength equipment and be apart of a greener, stronger nation.

Once you've purchased a piece of our commercial strength equipment, you will be proud to say, “Ima proud American, Ima stronger American, and IMA PROMAX American!”

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